EXCLUSIVE: Parents, students to rally for new bill that would overhaul physical education information issued by city schools

by Ben Chapman

June 17, 2015

Original article

Parents and students will join City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley at a City Hall rally on Wednesday in support of a bill that would mandate significant changes in physical education information issued by city schools.

The bill, sponsored by Crowley (D-Queens) and backed by the advocacy group Phys Ed for All, would require city schools to report how many gym classes they offer, how many certified gym teachers they employ and whether they have dedicated gym space.

It would also require schools to post gym information online so that parents and students could review it.

“Parents are left in the dark when it comes to physical education,” said Crowley. “So many schools are not even meeting the basic minimum standards.”

City Controller Scott Stringer found in May that 32% of city schools had no full-time, certified gym teachers and 28% had no indoor space for physical exercise, in violation of state law.

City Education Department spokesman Jason Fink said agency officials look forward to discussing Crowley’s bill with the Council.