The New York City Council unanimously passed three important pieces of legislation to help NYC students be physically active. These three reporting bills aim to address issues of accountability in how physical education and after-school athletics, including how programming and funding are distributed throughout our public school system.

Council Member Mark Treyger sponsored Introduction 1298-A, which requires the New York City Department of Education to report on physical education curricula and educator credentials in New York City schools. Only 76% of NYC students received the required amount of physical education. That means more than 214,000 students are still not receiving the amount of physical education that is required by New York State law. Introduction 1298-A amends Local Law 102 of 2015 to require the New York City Department of Education to report on the average physical education class size, a description of the department’s physical education scope and sequence, including the topics covered by such physical education scope and sequence. The bill would additionally requiring reporting on professional development received by certified physical education instructors.

Council Member Helen Rosenthal sponsored Introduction 1294-A, which amends Local Law 102 of 2015 to require additional reporting on whether students with disabilities are provided with adaptive physical education, including the number of students receiving each of these options per individual school.

Council Member Antonio Reynoso sponsored Introduction 242-B, which requires the Department of Education to post required information regarding after-school athletics on their website, including data with respect to funding for coaches, referees, athletic directors, equipment, uniforms, and transportation. The bill would also require reporting on student demographic information, athletic team requests, and athletic facilities used for after school athletics.