Regular Public Reporting on PE Instruction in NYC Schools is Essential

Efforts to improve physical education have been hampered by the DOE’s failure to make public, and in many instances even track, basic data. Parents, community members and advocates need to know more about the quality and quantity of PE instruction being afforded our school children. We need to understand what space is available for PE in our overcrowded schools.

This is why the Phys Ed for All coalition, along with lead sponsor, Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley,  spearheaded the passage of  a physical education reporting bill, Local Law 102 of 2015 (formerly Intro 644).

This City Council bill requires the DOE to report on many aspects of physical education, including the frequency and total minutes of instruction provided, details regarding the spaces and facilities used and instructor certification levels. This report will provide parents, communities and elected officials with critical information about how PE in NYC is currently functioning and where budgetary gaps lie. Furthermore, it will inform where our reform efforts should be directed in order to have the greatest impact upon students’ access to quality PE instruction.

Local Law 102 of 2015 was passed by a unanimous vote and signed into law on November 4, 2015. Details can be found by clicking here.

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