Take Action: Join the movement to ensure #PE4All

As parents, students, educators, advocates, and community members, we all have a role to play to improve access to physical education (PE) in New York City schools.

Join the Coalition: Email alicia.johnson@heart.org to learn more or to join the Phys Ed for All Coalition, which leads coordinated citywide strategies to improve access to PE. Opportunities to get involved include sharing your story, advocating for PE access at your/your child’s school, volunteering at community events, attending Coalition meetings, and more.

Host a workshop:  Phys Ed for All can provide community presentations throughout New York City. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation and learning more about the right to physical education and what you can do to advocate for change, please contact Alicia Johnson at alicia.johnson@heart.org or 212-878-5902.

Spread the word online: Share this website with your friends, family, and networks by posting to Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you are online. Use the hashtag #PE4All.